About Us


Metropolitan is committed to adding value to the international community. How to find a good job in Spain is a key interest to our audience, and we are excited to help expats build their professional development with us.

Our jobs page allows Barcelona’s leading companies to share the profiles of positions they need to fill with highly qualified candidates with global talent. 


Metropolitan invites highly talented English speaking expats seeking to develop their careers and grow professionally. Remember to check the available positions here as well as selected opportunities, projects and freelance assignments featured in our newsletter. 


Metropolitan also invites students and recent graduates to our international internship network. We work with world class companies that offer practical experience to amplify academic coursework to help young world class talent secure coveted entry level positions. Are you ready to launch your career by demonstrating your capabilities?


Metropolitan is proud to help companies find highly skilled, reliable and competent people to grow their business.  Our audience comprises the most prepared, international talent available in Spain and we can help you find the right people for the job!

The skills needed for these jobs are applicable across all major industry segments. These include but are not limited to the following areas:

– software development and information technology

– machine learning, artificial intelligence, blockchain, data science and analytics

– digital marketing, SEO/SEM, website hosting

– management consulting, systems integration, business analysis

– financial services, accounting and auditing

– business development, sales and marketing

– technical and client support

– tourism, travel and accommodation

– business development, sales and marketing

– real estate investments

– relocation services

– education services

– translation and language services